thingZ Gallery

Nancy Bryant

Oil Paint

“I paint flowers so they will not die.” — Frieda Kahlo

Nancy started painting seriously in July 2017 when she went to her backyard studio, picked up a loaded paintbrush, and sketched her brother’s portrait. Now, she paints everyday because she is passionate about her craft and about honing her skills.

Presently, her paintings focus on florals, still life’s, faces that tell a story and figures who inhabit another reality. The subject matter of her still life paintings involve juxtaposing organic objects with iconic inorganic items surrounded by a world of brilliant colors. Her florals are simply about happiness, her personal escape and the happiness of the viewer. When asked about why she paints she said that central to her artistic philosophy is that art should be continually, evolving; always pushing personal boundaries; improving your skill and stretching your artistic vision, but ultimately to create something good in the world.

Instagram: @NancyBryant6688